Reasons Why Your Dog Stares at You


Having a canine companion is one of life’s greatest joys. They make awesome friends, exercise buddies and effective stress relievers: just try cuddling with them and you’ll know why. Rearing a dog requires a long-term commitment on your part, mainly because you’ll be responsible for meeting its needs. However, you’ll have to contend with a lot of things, and one of the most annoying one is when they stare at you, non-stop. This can get really irritating, simply because who is able to resist those puppy eyes anyway? That said, it is important to know why your canine friend is doing this, because keep in mind that a simple stare can mean a lot of different things.

If you’re eating

Let’s say that you’re currently having dinner on the couch while watching TV, while Odie, your three year old golden retriever, decides to sit next to the TV and stare. Your eyes alternately look at the game you’re watching and on Odie, who looks expectant and inexplicably cute. You try your best to ignore him, but to no avail – you proceed to give him some treats and a small piece of chicken.

Obviously, when you’re eating, dogs stare at you, expecting that they will get a piece from whatever you’re eating. Some owners feel compelled to give their dogs a bite: not everyone is able to resist the alluring charms of a dog’s eyes. However, doing so actually encourages this behavior, since your pet will learn to stare at you during meals, knowing that it’ll get some sort of reward if it does so.

Your best recourse is to do your best and ignore it when it’s doing so. It’s one way of telling your dog that staring doesn’t work, and it prevents any sort of complication that can be derived from eating human food. It’s hard to resist doing so, but it’s for the best!

If it wants to go out

Dogs will also stare at you for reasons that are unrelated to food. If your pooch successfully underwent crate training and does his business outside, it will probably sit next to the door and look at you expectantly. Basically, stares are a way for it to communicate if it wants something to be done. Anyway, if you want your dog to get out without your help, install a pet door and teach it to get out by itself.

Some dogs also know when it’s time to go out and do something, like taking a walk or if it’s time to go jogging. It will stare at you until you follow it to door, or in the place where you’re keeping its leash.

It’s awaiting your orders

A lot of dog trainers say that when a dog stares while you’re taking a walk or if you’re in the middle of doing something with it, it’s waiting for an order or a cue from you to do something. So, if you’re taking a break in the middle of walk by sitting on a bench and when your dog stares expectantly at you, immediately give it a cue to sit with you and after which, pet it. That way, it’ll know that you’re taking a little break.

It’s trying to read your emotions

Dogs know how to empathize – we’ve all seen dogs who rush to their owners, rub their faces on them and even lick them when they are is feeling down. Beforehand, you’ll notice this after a dog stared deep into the eyes of its owner. You might even notice it tilting its head adorably! Dogs that empathize are known to be able to accurately read facial expressions.

Pain and aggression

Although staring dog is a good and observant dog, it might also mean that one isn’t in a good mood and might be preparing for an attack. Try to look at its eyes and see if the pupils are larger than usual, and if there’s a fierce look on its eyes. It might also be trying to tell you that something is wrong, like if it’s feeling pain and it needs to go to the vet.

Remember, aside from barking and whining, staring is one how your canine companion communicates with you. Bear in mind that intuitive communication helps in achieving good health!


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