Traveling with Your Feline Buddy this Thanksgiving


Are you all set?

Just because you have a new pet carrier doesn’t mean you and your feline buddy are ready for that trip to your folks this Thanksgiving. You have to think about how your cat would react to long distance traveling. Keep in mind that if traveling could stress humans, then it could to your pets too.

There’s a key to travel and care with your pet with ease. Read on, and you will learn the secret.

Cat inside the luggage

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Getting Ready

Don’t get to excited. Believe it or not, preparation is the key when you want to nail that trip to your family this Thanksgiving with your pet. Remember, airplane ride or longer road trips may be too stressing for them. So, it is wise to be prepared before, during, and even after arrival. It is best to stick with your cat’s routines while you’re traveling. Don’t tamper any of his/her feeding schedules, bathroom breaks, and even his/her playtime. Let the trip be comfortable not just for your cat, but for you as well.

Easy Guide Before You Go

All your bags are packed and the gifts for your family are ready for next week. What about for your fur buddy? Here’s a simple 6 step guide that should make the most of your trip together. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Step 1: A visit to your vet.

You may be familiar with the place you’re going, not for your cat. First thing’s first. You have to consult your veterinarian about where you would be going. In other words, it is crucial to know whether or not it would be safe for cats out there. The weather or temperature and the environment might affect your pet. Make sure he/she will be safe. Don’t forget to obtain a health certificate before your departure. Not just airline companies, but car trips would require this document as well.

Step 2: The right carrier.

You can’t just shop for one right away. It is important to choose a well-ventilated carrier. Not to mention, enough size for him/her to be comfortable in getting up, move around, and even stretch. Avoid letting them go out of the carrier unless, they’re on a leash. One more thing, make sure your carrier is a USDA approved for shipping if you choose to fly with your cat.

Step 3: Getting used to the carrier.

This step is an essential. A few days before your trip, allow your cat to get used to the carrier. Let him/her explore the carrier as much as he/she wants to. You can even give your feline buddy a short ride before the trip.

Step 4: Search for vet locations.

Since your vet wouldn’t be there when you need him, get ready with his contact information anyway. Moreover, prepare a list of animal hospitals and veterinarians near your destination.

Step 5: Hotels that welcome cats.

Plan and preparation combined are good catalysts for a better and successful trip. Search online for hotels that welcome animals. There should be a number of them.

Step 6: Prepare his luggage.

If you’re done packing your bag, it’s time to pack his/hers. Fill his bag with toys, food, water bowls, kitty litter, elimination bags, not to mention, water (you wouldn’t be happy looking at your cat with an upset tummy), jug, and everything your feline buddy needs.

Now that you’re set, get ready with the tickets, prepare for the ride. Next week will be a fun and exciting Happy Thanksgiving.

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