Telling Signs That Your Cat Doesn’t Trust You

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Cats are one of the most indifferent animals in the plant – if you set them off in the wild, they will be able to live on their own, unless if they’re grossly obese. That being said, all cats have trust issues, especially rescued ones, who have been abused before. Anyway, it takes a lot of time to build a cat’s trust, and it takes a lot of effort from you as well. Here are some clear cut and telling signs that suggest that you haven’t fully established the human-feline relationship with your tabby:

Your cat doesn’t allow petting

Petting and stroking the soft fur of a feline friend is one of the best feelings ever, considering that it helps in relieving stress and lowers blood pressure. However, if you’ve recently adopted your cat, you must be encountering this problem: it’s running away or moving out whenever you’re near it. At times, it even retaliates by biting and hides under the bed.

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If Mr. Tibbles, doesn’t allow you to pet him, then it simply means that he hasn’t trusted you that much yet. That being said, if your feline friend is like this, the best ways to make him like you include leaving him alone until he learns that you’re harmless – and that you are his source of food. To know if he fully trusts you, place your hand on his belly. If he allows you to rub it, then he already likes you.

Missing the litter box on purpose

One of the worst things most cat owners have to deal with involve cleaning the litter box and attempting to stand up to the pungent odor of cat urine and poop. However, if Ms. Lavender fails to hit her mark – on purpose – then it’s definitely a behavioral problem, and she hates and does not trust you. That being said, when cats leave their waste on conspicuous areas like your couch, bed and dinner table, they are marking their territory and actually telling you to stay out.

However, if their waste disposal procedures aren’t being done on purpose, then it’s obvious that your feline friend is sporting some sort of urinary tract infection. It’s more like a sickness than a show of dominance. Bring it to the veterinarian as soon as possible when it is to give proper pet care.

A gift, or an insult?

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Let’s say that your cat already trusts you with its life, and this happens to be one of the reasons why it’s sending you a lot of love with the dead mouse he put on your belly while you were sleeping. Although the reason for doing this is unknown, there are a couple of theories that people believe. These are:

  • THE GOOD – it’s a gift. The dead mouse is a way for Fluffy to show his thanks and he offers it as a tribute to you for keeping him well-fed. Of course, he expects you to gobble it on the spot.
  • THE BAD – it’s an insult. Fluffy is basically saying that you’re a bad hunter, which is why he pities you and brought you something to eat. He expects you to gobble it up and prepare for the next step: catching live prey.

The latter isn’t much of a trust issue, but it’s more of your cat not trusting your ability to find food for yourself. Anyway, you could believe either of the two; you would scream and throw away the mutilated mouse as soon as you manage to hold your wits.

Overall, regardless if your cat displays the above mentioned behavior or not, showing it love and affection is an important step to being a responsible pet owner.

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