Ways to Stop Your Cats from Destroying Your Home

Cats are incredibly smart animals – they wouldn’t be loved and domesticated by human beings if they weren’t. However, raising them can be an arduous task, particularly if they become restless, curious, and destructive toward the furniture, flower pots, and just about everything inside the household.


And can be destructive towards you as well.


We can’t blame our feline friends if they end up doing something destructive. They are animals, and after all, they don’t have the intellect of a toddler , unlike dogs. And sorry cat owners, canine companions are smarter.

Regardless, both animals are equally capable of giving us unconditional love. This entry will discuss some common home destruction scenarios done by cats, and ways to prevent them from happening. Remember, cats may endanger themselves if you don’t take the necessary steps –  which is why it’s important always have the contact details of your pet hospital!

Scratching the Furniture


Cats scratch pieces of furniture for several reasons, which are:

  • In order to shed the outer layers of their claws.
  • Mark their scent on it, particularly if there are other animals around.
  • To stretch, tone, and condition the muscles on their paws.
  • For fun and your annoyance.

Leather sofas do not last long once they are your cats’ favorite scratching post. Although this behavior is natural, it can get destructive in a hurry. You cannot definitively stop it, but you can redirect your cat’s paws elsewhere by doing the following:

  • Spray the areas where your cat scratches with citrus sprays or anything strong and unpleasant like rubbing alcohol. Cats hate citrus and anything too strong for their sensitive noses.
  • Give it a scratching post. This is a good investment, considering the damage they’ll do to you furniture. Try sprinkling it with catnip if your cats aren’t using it.
  • Trim your cat’s claws. Don’t just get a regular nail cutter: here’s a guide.

The Water Gun Method

If your cat persists on sleeping on a sofa, lying on the cold soil of your indoor plants (and messing them up), or any other place which you don’t want them around, use a water gun or a water bottle. Whenever your cats are on the places where they shouldn’t be, hit them with a short – and painless – blast of water.

If you’re concerned that this can be considered as animal cruelty, don’t worry since this won’t hurt them. Remember though, do this calmly and don’t shout. You want your cat to associate the water squirting with the location, not with your presence.

Coffee Grounds Garden Guardians


Dogs aren’t the only animals who love wrecking havoc in the garden – cats can destroy flower beds by lying or by digging, especially if they turned it into a bathroom.
To deter them, simply use coffee grounds. Felines do not like the smell of coffee: good luck at attempting to make your cat smell a cup of freshly brewed coffee beans. Instead of discarding the coffee grounds, place them on the topsoil of your garden. Not only will it guarantee that your cat won’t be sniffing the daffodils, it also provides a ton of nutrients to the soil.
Remember, certain flowering plants like lilies , can poison and kill a cat, so it’s best to deter them from stepping into the garden!

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