Say Cheese! Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth 101

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Caring for your pet dog includes caring for their teeth. You can’t just ignore it. And even if they’re not prone to obtaining cavities as that of humans, proper pet care is still an essential. They can still develop tartar and bad breath. Something you wouldn’t want your pooch to have. Unlike humans, they could not brush their teeth and visit a dentist. Dogs need dental care and attention. Otherwise, these dental problems will worsen and lead to life-threatening issues, not to mention, liver and kidney disease. In short, practice caring for your dog’s teeth now and extend his life.

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Brushing Teeth

Again, dogs couldn’t brush their teeth on their own. However, if your dog knows how, maybe you can start taking a video of him and post it on YouTube instead. But for all of us, brushing your canine’s teeth can be a struggle. Here’s a little technique that you would want to take note of.

* Toothbrush – Consider using a double headed brush. Moreover, a toothbrush with a 45 degree angle should enable you to clean the part below the gum line.
* It’s not always good for first times. Agree?

Brushing your dog’s teeth may be difficult for both of you at first, but give it time and after a few routines, you and your pooch should get the hang of it. You may want to consider at a perfect and comfortable time to brush his/her teeth.
If your dog starts to become agitated, quit right away. Just because you haven’t brushed the entire mouth, doesn’t mean you need to go on brushing. Consider increasing the time for brushing his/her teeth on the next. You can always give a reward for doing good during the process.

Train while it’s young

Although older dogs may find it comfortable after a few toothbrushing and caring, while it is not too late, start brushing your pet’s teeth while he/she is still young.

Choosing the Right Tooth Paste

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Whatever you do, NEVER try using your toothpaste for your dog. If you love sharing your food to your pet, not your toothpaste. Keep in mind that they contain flouride. This is highly dangerous and poisonous for dogs. You can always check at your local animal hospital and ask your veterinarian for the best toothpaste for him/her.

A Visit to the Vet

Even if you have been brushing his/her teeth, this does not mean you do not need to visit your veterinarian. It is important to have a professional check what is going on in his mouth. However, if you would notice on these symptoms, never hesitate to see one.
– Bad breath
– Excessive drooling
– Tartar crust along the gum line
– Missing teeth
– Swollen gums
Do not wait for your dog to whine about his/her teeth. No matter how healthy your pet’s teeth is, find time to take him to the clinic and have him/her checked. Once or twice in a year will work for them.

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Remember, if it is a struggle for humans to take care of their teeth, it is too for dogs. Proper care can be a lifesaver. Keep your dog’s teeth clean and at the end of the day, you and your dog will be able to say cheese!

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