The Responsibilities of a Dog Owner to the Community


Thinking of getting a dog? Well, if raising a canine companion since birth isn’t an already arduous (but fun) task, you also have numerous responsibilities to the community as well. These aren’t to put a damper on the dog-raising experience –it’s meant to keep you, your dog and everyone else happy.

So, other than feeding and ensuring that your dog lives an enjoyable life, you’re expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Never Forget to Put an ID

Always assume that a worst case scenario is bound to happen, which is why you should take precautionary measures. No, we’re not being alarmists, but remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry! Other than putting a microchip on your pooch (shelters do this prior to adoption, while breeders don’t), always remember to put a collar on him or her all time. Aside from which, take pictures (who doesn’t?) just in case he or she gets lost!

Doing the above mentioned will make it easy for the community to find you just in case!

Clean After Fido

If you’re walking Fido or taking him to the park, it is your responsibility to clean up and pick his poop if he answers the call of nature during the trip. Leaving your dog’s feces on the streets is tantamount to littering and is irresponsible.

Other than the ball and Frisbee, be sure to bring a dog poop bag and a tool to use to pick the feces up. Some cities even have local ordinances penalizing residents if they fail to clean up dog poop: check your locality if there are similar laws.

Not Letting Fido Become a Bother

There are thousands of complaints around the United States regarding noisy, barking dogs. These are one of the reasons why there are rifts between neighbors, and aside from barks, certain dogs have the tendency to jump over fences, dig and even ruin flower beds.

You are liable for whatever your Fido does (unless if he was provoked), so prepare to repair the damage he’s done and make amends. Teach him to control his barking episodes and be sure to entertain and keep him stimulated so he wouldn’t do anything destructive.

Providing medical treatment

Remember that dogs are not immune to various ailments and diseases, like rabies, parvovirus and distemper. If your dog is visibly sick with any of these diseases, immediately seek medical treatment from your local pet care center or animal hospital and make sure that it doesn’t get in contact with other dogs – you wouldn’t want an outbreak of a deadly disease to happen, right?

Talk to your local veterinarian regarding treatment options and vaccinations.

Overall, keeping Fido around requires a lot of effort on your part. Regardless, the experience of raising a canine companion is very fulfilling – the experience of cuddling your pet and it greeting you every time you arrive home is nothing short of euphoric. Anyway, take note of the above mentioned responsibilities and you’re guaranteed to have a healthy and loving companion for years! Take note and never neglect!


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