A Purr-fect Language


Cats meow, dogs bark, and humans talk. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea when you can solve your cat problems and meet your pet’s needs? Although we do not speak their language, decoding their behavior could pave way in keeping a happy relationship with your feline buddy.

It’s time to learn and understand a purr-fect language. Their behavior can be their form of communication. Let this article be your guide in solving your pet problems.

Meow 101

#1: Their cries mean something.
Okay, you have to admit it. Your feline buddy sometimes cry in the middle of the night, if not, early in the morning. There are only two reasons for this kind of behavior:
One, you can blame it to the season. Cats are just like humans, they love to snuggle and sleep during the cold weather.

Cat Snuggling

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Two, you! Don’t get surprised when they wake up in the morning and sleep at night. Again, they’re like humans. In fact, their circadian rhythm can adjust to ours. You may have recognized how they behave when it’s summer and during winter. Other than that, they also cry if they’re hungry in the middle of the night. They may have a tendency to reinforce their bad behavior whenever you do not respond to their needs. Compose a good feeding schedule for them so they would be able to realize and understand that they need to wake up in the morning for breakfast.

# 2: The drop and roll stunts.

Drop and Roll Stunt

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Don’t stress yourself when they do this maneuver. They only want one thing – attention. Yes, a simple tap on the head or a little affectionate rub is all they need. Notice your feline buddy drops, rolls, and looks at you when you’re in front of your computer or even tying your shoes. She/he only wants a bit of your busy schedule and time. Once you learn and understand this behavior, you are on your way to creating a strong cat-human relationship.

# 3: Nonstop meow.

Cat Purring

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Earlier we tried to decode their crying behavior in the middle of the night or early morning. This time, let’s learn why they never stop whining. You have to keep in mind that not all cat’s behavior are equal. This simply means, there are other cats that are vocal and want to express how they feel with a nonstop meow.

Additionally, her/his nonstop crying can mean that your feline buddy is not feeling well. It can be a sign that your pet is ill. At this point, if you can’t address to his/her needs, take him to your nearest animal hospital for a checkup. Otherwise, on a less serious moment , your pet could just be hungry and wants to have some snack.

Remember, your cat’s behavior may reflect yours too. In other words, the way your cat behaves boils down to how you are as an owner to them. There are times when they act up, they’re like kids, you know. All they need is to have a happy and healthy life. Owners must see to it, they have provided their needs. You can prevent and correct their behavior to make it less stressing for both you and your feline buddy.

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