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Complete Pet Medications For Total Pet Care

When it comes to buying pet medicine, where do you usually go? Although you may find some affordable solutions on the Web or catalogs, these may not be safe for your pets. At Jacaranda Animal Hospital, we have a well-stocked pharmacy so you can fulfill your pet’s prescription right away. It’s safe, fast, and budget-friendly.

If you have questions or comments after you get home with your pet meds, just call us at 954-472-1106. We’d be happy to answer your inquiries.

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We carefully select and stock our pharmacy with fresh, trusted veterinary medicine. Visit our clinic today and see how we can help keep your pet healthy.

Pet Vaccinations

Just like you, your beloved canine or feline will need vaccination to keep them protected against deadly diseases. With today’s technological advances, pets can actually have longer, healthier lives. But it’s up to owners to make sure that their animal companions get their shots. Ask our knowledgeable vet today regarding pet vaccinations.

Pet Flea Prevention

Don’t take fleas and ticks lightly. Not only can they make pets feel uncomfortable, they can also transmit serious diseases. Your family may also be at risk if these parasites are not prevented. Keep your home and pets safe with preventive treatment from our highly-trained staff. We test all kinds of pets for parasites and worms.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms are parasites that live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of infected animals. If not diagnosed right away, they can harm arteries and vital organs as they grow, multiply, and circulate in the bloodstream. It can happen to any pet. With early diagnosis and preventive treatment though, your dog or cat can be protected.

At Jacaranda Animal Hospital, your pet will always be treated like family!

Visit our clinic at 8628 West State Road 84 Davie, Florida or give us a call at 954-472-1106 for more pet medication information. Our complete veterinary care is available for pet owners in Davie, Plantation and Weston communities. We welcome all kinds of animal friends.

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