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Our Full Pet Medical Center Services

At Jacaranda Animal Hospital, we believe in giving pets the same loving treatment as if they were family. Your animal friends are very important to us; that’s why we take special care to provide only the best equipment and medication so they’ll immediately feel well again. Aside from Pet Surgery and Emergency Treatment, we also give valuable pet medical advice and annual exams.

Annual Examinations

Annual pet exams are highly important. This includes vaccinations, heartworm and fecal tests. Parasite testing and Deworming are vital to keep your furry pals – especially younger ones – happy and healthy. All pets are plagued by parasites such as worms sometime in their lives. Most develop an immunity to it; which means it doesn’t affect their normal day to day activities. However, this immunity can break down due to age or for a number of reasons.

With annual health assessments, you can ensure that your pet is up-to-date with vaccines; as well as address unknown issues which you might not have previously anticipated. Diseases nowadays can spread even in the air. But a well-rounded check-up in our clinic ca help keep your dog or cat protected from such dangers. Remember not to hide any information from your vet. Be sure to provide information like your pet’s age, allergies, and behavioral concerns.

Expert and Efficient Medical Assistance For Your Pet

It can be heartbreaking if you see your dog or cat unable to play, eat, or be active.

Trust our team of highly-experienced animal lovers to give undivided attention to your furry pal. Be it a dog or cat– count on us to deliver exceptional pet service with every single visit.

Pet Dentistry

Pets, like their owners, need dental health and guidance, too! ‘Dog breath’ is sometimes an indication of an unhealthy mouth. It might be due to bacteria build-up; which could result in bleeding gums and discomfort if not treated right away. Visit our clinic today and get your pet full dental care.

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

When your pets play hard, they sometimes hurt their bones, joints, or spine. In some cases, there are animals that were born with fractures or misaligned bones. Our experienced veterinarian can handle surgeries for congenital and acquired injuries. With our advanced equipment, you can be confident that your pet will be treated with extra care.

Pet Surgical Procedures

From routine spaying and neutering, to more complex life-saving operations, our vet medical center is prepared to handle all types of pet procedures. We don’t take these tasks lightly because we know it could mean a huge difference for you and your precious pet. Ask help from our competent staff if ever you need expert pet surgery done.

Pet Emergency Treatment

When unfortunate accidents or illnesses happen, it’s critical that your pet gets immediate medical attention. Our animal experts suggest keeping our phone number easily accessible in case of pet emergencies. It could happen to anyone, at any time. But don’t worry because you can be sure that your beloved furry pal will be in the hands of experts.

Pet Ultrasounds

This is one technological advancement that is very useful for pets. Unlike x-rays, ultrasound methods do not use radiation. It also produces images in real time; making it easy for vets to monitor what is really happening inside your pet. This is a safe, painless solution for pregnant or sick pets (those with cancer or heart abnormalities).

At Jacaranda Animal Hospital, your pet will always be treated like family!

Visit our clinic at 8628 West State Road 84 Davie, Florida or give us a call at 954-472-1106 for more pet medical information. Our complete veterinary care is available for pet owners in Davie, Plantation and Weston communities. We welcome all kinds of animal friends.

Remember: if you’re having a pet emergency, don’t delay and CALL US IMMEDIATELY.

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