Why Looking at Cats on the Internet Is a Good Thing

Don’t deny it: you’ve logged in several hours of watching cat videos on the Internet. Just seeing them fail at jumps, run around chasing lasers, and even showing a funny face is enough to stitch your sides.

Basically, the Internet is like Ancient Egypt: people post on walls and these walls are filled with pictures of cats. Some of the most popular online cat celebrities include Colonel Meow (RIP, little one), Cate (the archenemy of Doge), Grumpy Cat and Little Bub.

Though watching and looking at cat pictures and videos is perceived as a waste of time, it actually isn’t.


Well, here are the reasons why:

Doing It Makes You Happy

According to a study done by professor Jessica Myrick of Indiana University, looking at cat-related content online contributed to one’s overall happiness.
Her study had nearly 6800 participants, and most of which are regular consumers of Internet cat content. Most of the study subjects were also found to be shy and introverted, which are not usually perceived as the happiest bunch.
On the course of two weeks, they were asked to watch cat videos. After the said timeframe, they were found to be noticeably happier.

A Decrease in Negative Emotions

Shy and introverted people are usually preoccupied with their thoughts, and at times, these are negative. According to Myrick’s study however, watching cat videos caused participants to report about a decrease in negative emotions. Among these include annoyance, guilt, and sorrow.
Note that too much of these emotions can direly affect one’s ability to work, and if not addressed immediately, can cause depression.

Positivity Reigned

After a dose of cat videos and pictures, the participants of the study also reported an increase of positive emotions. May they be viewing videos depicting the hapless plight of the cats stuck in toilets or Cate’s funny adventures to destabilize Doge, they reported an increase in contentment, happiness and hope.
Well hey, you can’t argue with this: you feel noticeably happier after laughing. This is mainly because the body decreases the production of stress hormones, like cortisol. Endorphins, AKA the body’s natural painkillers, are also released while the act also boosts the production of antibodies and T-cells, boosting your immune system. It is also worth noting that some of the participants encounter and care for real-life cats and dogs as well.

Procrastination and Productivity

It is also worth noting however, that participants also felt a tinge of guilt after watching cat-related media. This is offset by the positive emotions, but it may still take a toll, particularly if you’re working on a project at work or if you’re studying.
We can’t discount the fact that cat media helps you deal with negative emotions, but it may bring more complications – missed deadlines and low grades – if you don’t limit the time spent doing so.

Cats as Companions

Regardless of the effects of Internet cats, it’s nothing compared to raising and living with a feline friend of your own. Feeling and hearing their purrs and meows is enough to help you overcome your problems, and at the same time, make you feel better. Bear in mind that it has a healing effect on cats, and though it’s not as effective as going to the local veterinary hospital. Petting one also happens to be a good stress reliever!

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