Independence Day Mistakes Dog Owners Make

We can all collectively agree that dogs and Independence Day festivities do not mix. You’ve probably seen the worst of your dog as the fireworks start lighting up the sky. He might have been distressed and shaking, or he could be frantically looking for a way out of your house – all to escape the loud explosions.
You might have dealt with your dog’s behavior the wrong way, so let’s take a look at the correct care methods and what to avoid:

Special Treatment during the Fireworks Display

Dogs cower in fear whenever they hear the fireworks, and owners will likely come over and give them a hug to “comfort them”. If you do this, you’re committing two mistakes:

• First, hugging your dog. Dogs don’t like it , considering that doing so stresses them out and it’s a sign of dominance in canine language. They TOLERATE it, but nothing more.

• Second, you’re rewarding them. They will see your attempts to comfort them as positive reinforcement…thus encouraging them to cower and be scared when the fireworks start taking to the sky.

The best course of action in cases like this is to stay calm and act like it’s just an ordinary day. Your pets will take note of your actions and will somehow note that there is nothing wrong.

Bringing Them to the Displays

Seriously? You may have good intentions in doing so, but things can get horribly wrong unless if your pet is noise-trained or a well-trained service animal. You will risk losing them forever if they choose to run away from the explosions. And plus, it is pure torture for them and they won’t enjoy it.

Urging Them to Come out of Their Hiding Place

As mentioned earlier, leave your dogs alone and act like there’s nothing wrong, and in the process, do not force them to come out of their hiding place. This will only exacerbate their fear and will develop a long-term phobia. The best you can do is to provide them with a crate covered with blankets – being in a secure place alleviates their fear.

Leaving Them Alone at Home

Never leave your dog unattended when it starts raining gunpowder: he won’t be able to cope with the frightful experience alone. You never know: he may end up looking for potential exits, and you could go home to find out that he’s missing.

Your best bet is to celebrate Independence Day at home with your dog to keep him company.

Feeding Them with Independence Day Food

Nothing screams “FREEDOM” better than fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers, and fatty grilled hot dogs and sausages. Seems like a good treat for your dogs right? Actually, no – you’re better off giving them nothing. Chicken bones can cause intestinal problems, while fatty barbecue can cause pancreatitis. Pizzas meanwhile, contain onions which can cause kidney and liver problems. Stay safe by feeding them regular dog food and treats.

Not Consulting Your Veterinarian

Bear in mind that you can always ask your veterinarian’s help in dealing with your pet’s firework phobia. Your vet may prescribe tranquilizers and sedatives to keep him calm and sleepy throughout the festivities. Immediately contact your local animal clinic if you’re looking to resort to this method!

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