The Great Debate: Mixed Breed VS Purebred Dogs


Up until today, the battle between which dog is a better pet still continues. There are people who prefer to get a mixed breed or adopt from a shelter. Meanwhile, there are those who still believe that purebreds are better than any other. Everyone has their own reasons.

Does Breed Really Matter?

At some point, there are people who choose to raise mutts. If you compare the price of a mutt to a purebred dog, it will blow your mind off. Mixed breed dogs cost lesser than the purebreds. As a matter of fact, some people simply visit their local shelter and adopt one.
On the other hand, purebred dogs are more expensive than any other dogs. Breeders and purebred dog lovers believe these are the right pet for them. But the big question is, how do you define the right dog for you?

Mixed Breed Dogs


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Some people consider it exciting to own a mutt. As they say, you can never tell whether the dog will turn out to be small or big when you talk about its size. Other than you get surprised by its physical appearance, its behavior or its temperament will also make you guess not just once, but twice and even a hundred times. A lot of pet owners who are devoted to this type of dogs recognize the chances and opportunities of their pets. The ability to exhibit an interbreeding personality is decreased. In other words, they are a dog that are less likely to have disposition, health, and even intelligence issues. Would you agree? Mutts are a product of tons of different breeds. In short, what you have now could have the traits of a Retriever, strength of a Pit Bull, height of a Corgi, and whatever breed you can think of. However, there’s just one drawback of raising mixed breed dogs. It is not a guarantee that your dog will grow completely healthy. Well, although in some cases, there are also purebred dogs that turn out to be weak. This simply means, it’s not about the breed. And if it’s not about its breed, then what? Let’s talk about the purebred before we jump into a conclusion.

Purebred Dogs


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To people who are living in an apartment, it becomes a struggle for them raising pets. There are apartment owners who do not accept tenants who have pets. And if they would allow pets, small toy dogs are better. This is one of the reasons pet lovers prefer to buy or own purebred dogs to ensure its size, temperament, and health. Unlike raising a mutt, you really could not tell whether or not it would turn out to be a huge dog. In order to entirely know what dog is suitable for you, these people would raise purebred dogs, instead.

What dog is best for you?

Dogs are meant to be man’s best friend. They are raised to become good companions. People may prefer the mutts over these purebred dogs. On the flip side, there are those who would rather raise these purebreds. At the end of the day, what all matters is to have a dog that will turn out to be a loving companion, protector, and most of all, a new member of the family. It all depends on how you take care and raise them. These are the dogs that would be best for you.

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