Five Telling Signs and Causes of UTI in Cats and Dogs

cat litterbox urinary tract

If your pet is experiencing what you think is a urinary tract infection, an immediate appointment with your local animal hospital should not be far from your mind. That being said, this ailment is one of the most common in cats and dogs – some owners fail to realize that their pet has it, thus making it worse. As a responsible pet owner, you shouldn’t only keep your pet well-fed and feel loved: you also need to be informed of the signs and symptoms of various diseases. Let’s cut to the chase and start learning:

The notable causes

Contrary to popular belief, urinary tract infections aren’t only caused by bacteria, but also by other complications, albeit indirectly. A lot of factors could trigger it, and these include the following:

  • Bladder infection and inflammation, triggered by old age, diabetes and bacteria.
  • Stones, debris and crystals that have accumulated in the bladder or urethra.
  • Injury and trauma to the bladder.
  • Cancer and tumors in the bladder and urinary tract.
  • Urethral plug (cats only) which is caused by the accumulation of various debris in the urethra.
  • Incontinence and weak bladder.

Aside from the above mentioned, spinal cord issues, along with prostate disease, congenital abnormalities and even stress can cause UTI. Now that you know the causes, let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms. You never know: your pet could be displaying any of the following:

Frequent urination

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If you notice that Mr. Wellington has been visiting the litter box often, then it’s a sign that he has a urinary tract infection. Basically, dogs and cats can urinate more than 10 times (which is abnormal) if they are afflicted with this ailment. As for Spotty, take a close look at him if he stays near the door whining and asking to go out multiple times every few hours.

Inability to control urination

Let’s say that Mrs. Purringhelm has been hitting the mark with her pee – except the litter box. Instead of freaking out and getting mad at her, consider that it might be a UTI, given that situations like these are a telling sign that it is. You could also see urine dribbling from her private parts: she’s unintentionally doing it. See a vet right away in case this happens.

A strong odor

cat litterbox urinary tract

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We all know how smelly dog and cat pee is and we can safely say that it’s enough to cause some sort of gag reflex. That being said, if the odor is somewhat abnormal, like being extra strong, having a smell of ammonia, and releasing metallic fumes, then it’s a definite cause for concern and a possible UTI.

Bloody and cloudy urine

The most obvious sign of UTI is your pet having a bloody and cloudy urine[Tweet Me!]. You would be crazy not to call up your local veterinary hospital in this case. Keep in mind that this could even be a medical emergency which may even require surgery to remove the blockages.

Crying out in pain

Both canine companions and animal friends have a high tolerance to pain, so if they’re crying out in pain or visibly uncomfortable while urinating, then obviously, there’s something wrong with them. Like having blood in the urine, this is an emergency situation and you wouldn’t want your animal friend to suffer further, right?

Overall, urinary tract infections are unpredictable, due to its myriad of causes. The best you can do is to learn the signs and symptoms, immediately act on it and listen to your vet’s advice afterward!

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