Dogs Can Have Skin Allergies Too


What’s that sound? It’s past midnight and you hear your dog still awake and can’t take a good rest. It keeps on scratching and itching. Not to mention, your pet keeps on shedding too. If you think dogs are not capable of obtaining skin allergies, think again.

They Got to Itch When They Got the Itch

A dog scratching is no longer new. As a matter of fact, they even scratch for no reason. Moreover, they scratch when they got to. They scratch in the morning, and the scratching worsens at night. But wait, when you notice your pet keeps on scratching and licking, biting and chewing – to the extent where they would hurt themselves, then this is no longer normal. You have to stop and get to the root cause of the problem.

Dog Scratching

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Did you know?

If diarrhea is the most common reason why dog owners take their pets to the vet, then excessive scratching, or in the medical field, this is called pruritus.

2 Major Reasons Why Dogs Itch

It may sound simple, but the reason why your pet scratches can be complex. Read on and you will discover the reasons why your dog keeps on scratching.

1. It has something to do with your dog’s skin condition itself.
– Could it be infected?
– Could it be too oily or too dry?
– Either of these conditions would lead your dog to itch and itch.

2. Then there are allergies.

When Your Pooch’s Skin So Dry

Yes, they itch whenever their skin becomes so dry. You can even notice how dogs in regions with low humidity behave. This isn’t hardly noticeable. Moreover, you can even see your dog’s hair flaking. Yes, that’s dandruff you’re seeing. You would recognize how the skin becomes dry and tough that it begins to crack. At this point, they become highly sensitive. One touch, and they would begin scratching once again.
What to do:
The food you give to your pet is crucial. You can feed them with dry foods or food with high nutrients and something that contains high digestive enzymes. Remember, if your pooch achieves a healthy digestive system, it could absorb enough fluid from the food it eats. Thus, creating a more improved hydration. When this happens, moisture can be maintained. This could only mean one thing, its skin no longer becomes dry and itchy.

When Your Pooch’s Skin Has Allergies

Again, when the skin becomes dry, greasy, a little dry, or a little oily, your pet begins to itch. They could have allergies. You have to take note that allergies are not easy to attend. In fact, most veterinarians would prescribe medications and other method to relieve the condition. This is where you need to find out what kind of food, environment would be suitable for your pet.


Taking your dog to your vet is important. This is where you will learn and find out what to provide and what not to your pooches. Take care of your pets. That’s the least you can do to these pooches.

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