Canine Problems: Solving the Dog Poop Riddle

One of the perpetual problems of raising a canine companion is the amount of fecal matter a dog produces. Though usually overcome with proper training and housebreaking, some owners still face problems: they may not know it, but their dogs are probably sick.

In a larger scale, communities are taking the necessary steps to stop their streets from turning into literal poop minefields. Irresponsible dog owners don’t pick up after their pets during walks or play sessions at the park. Though local governments have introduced methods which helped quell these situations, it has not been definitively erased.

If you’re a dog owner, what are some solutions and the methods you can employ to help deal with various kinds of dog poop problems?

Eating Dog Poop

One of the main problems dog owners face is their dogs eating their own feces. Though disgusting, it is normal and a natural cleaning process, especially if it involves mothers and puppies. Some dogs also do this to clean after themselves, which is dangerous especially if it turns into a habit.
In order to stop this dog poop problem, your best bet is to clean up the poop right away or put a deterrent on it, such as a strong, unpleasant yet harmless liquid such as hot sauce. It works and your dog will stop doing this in the long run if you do so.

Your Dog May Be Sick

Rather than dismiss the dog poop problem as a behavioral one, take a trip to the local veterinary hospital if it persists. Bear in mind there are a number of medical conditions which can cause involuntary defecation. These include parasites, inflammatory bowel ailments, arthritis (due to the pain), fecal incontinence and tumors. If your dog is diagnosed with any of these diseases, be sure to understand his or her plight before attempting to correct the behavior.

Medical Side Effects

Another factor contributing to dog poop problems are drugs and medications. These have horrible side effects, including constipation and diarrhea. Be sure to clarify this with your veterinarian prior to administering them in order to be prepared.

Picking It Up

Obviously, picking up your dog’s poop on with your hands is unthinkable and is something you should never do, as it exposes your to various kinds of bacteria. You can use tools, like a poop picker, a plastic bag or a poop scooper. Nowadays, these items are now considered to be a necessity, especially if you walk your dog or take them to the pet park.

Some countries are employing ingenious methods to ENCOURAGE people to pick up after their dogs. In Switzerland, cities provide free plastic bags for poop disposal in certain areas. In Mexico, their method embraces digital technology: there’s a box providing free Internet in public areas, where poop is supposed to be disposed. The heavier the box, the stronger the WiFi signal.

Overall, solving dog poop problems is both a personal and a community responsibility. In order to live a healthy and problem free lifestyle, immediately dispose of dog poop. Remember, dog poop is a riddle that can easily be solved!

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