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Four Ways to Protect Your Pets from Wild Animals

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Springtime represents new life, hope and beginnings as it signals the end of the snowy apocalypse we all know as winter. Plants will start sprouting from the earth, while trees will take the initial steps to restore their former glory while animals, like deer, rabbits, raccoons, coyotes and bears will once again tread the wild. […]

Catnip Questions and Best Ways to Use It

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Readily available in pet supply stores and even in veterinary clinics, catnip is one of the most sought out herbs by pet owners. Originating from Asia, Nepeta cataria is readily available everywhere and has long been associated with cats mainly due to its effects on any kind of feline. Even the big cats like tigers, […]

Why Should You Adopt a Shelter Dog?

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If you have a pet dog adopted from the local shelter, it surely had an amazing holiday with you and your family. Although shelter dogs may be perceived as unstable fur balls, they can make great pets: just ask a person who adopted one. If you’re contemplating whether to get a canine companion from a […]

A Merry Holiday for Pets

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The holiday season is not yet ending and there are supposed to be many events you have to enjoy while the holiday lasts. It will be fun if you have your whole family together in a holiday meal, but of course you should not forget your pet hoping to have the greatest holiday gift to […]

The Power of a Pet Microchip

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Did you know? Every year, dogs in shelters meet their most difficult path. If their owners do not bother to come looking for them in shelters, or if potential pawrents do not share their homes to these pets, they are being put to sleep. This is a sad truth most people fail to recognize. And […]

A Purr-fect Language

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Cats meow, dogs bark, and humans talk. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea when you can solve your cat problems and meet your pet’s needs? Although we do not speak their language, decoding their behavior could pave way in keeping a happy relationship with your feline buddy. It’s time to learn and understand a purr-fect […]

Dogs Can Have Skin Allergies Too

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What’s that sound? It’s past midnight and you hear your dog still awake and can’t take a good rest. It keeps on scratching and itching. Not to mention, your pet keeps on shedding too. If you think dogs are not capable of obtaining skin allergies, think again. They Got to Itch When They Got the […]

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