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Four Pet No-nos this Summer

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We all can’t wait for summer: it’s the season for beaches, bikinis, and long road trips. It’s the ideal time to unwind and temporarily forget about all your daily life and your problems. However, forget everything, but not the overall health and welfare of your pet. Little do most pet owners know that summer is […]

A Guide to Dealing with Pet Heatstroke

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This summer, heatstroke will once again become a prevalent story in the Internet and in prime time news. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence despite widespread information campaigns – a number of dog owners still leave their pets inside their cars or have them stay outdoors, where the temperature can reach scorching levels. However, even if […]

Ways to Stop Your Cats from Destroying Your Home

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Cats are incredibly smart animals – they wouldn’t be loved and domesticated by human beings if they weren’t. However, raising them can be an arduous task, particularly if they become restless, curious, and destructive toward the furniture, flower pots, and just about everything inside the household.   We can’t blame our feline friends if they […]

Canine Problems: Solving the Dog Poop Riddle

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One of the perpetual problems of raising a canine companion is the amount of fecal matter a dog produces. Though usually overcome with proper training and housebreaking, some owners still face problems: they may not know it, but their dogs are probably sick. In a larger scale, communities are taking the necessary steps to stop […]

8 Ways to Make Your Cat Hate You

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Before we start, let us clarify that this list is a surefire and foolproof way to make your cat hate you. Yes, it’s a guide of WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT do to your precious feline friend, especially if you don’t want it to look at you with contempt every time you enter the room he’s […]

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