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Six Telltale Signs of an Aging Dog

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As soon as you arrive home, you expect to be greeted by a boisterous bundle of fur rampaging throughout the living room just to practice the usual ritual of licking your face. However, those days are long gone. Your dog, who we’ll call Fido, is a 13 year old black Labrador whose days are now […]

Sibling Rivalry in Dogs: A Potential War on Your Home

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Given that they are direct descendants of wolves, domestic dogs are social animals and like a pack structure, they work together to achieve common goals. These include food, security, and other resources. The most socialized dogs don’t usually fight as doing so wouldn’t be good for the group. However, “sibling rivalry” in pets may exist, […]

Guard Dogs: Breeds That Will Take a Bullet for You

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Each dog breed was bred with a purpose. Some for companionship, others for agricultural purposes, while a chosen were integrated into police and military services as working dogs. Most dog breeds nowadays successfully integrate themselves in a suburban setting, though most still retain their protective and territorial instincts, making them perfect guard dogs. Guard dogs […]

Petting Your Dog: Doing It Properly

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Do you know how to pet your dog? Well, of course you do. After all, you’ve been doing so for years, and Fido is ecstatic every time you stroke his head and scratch his ears. Petting mutually benefits both parties, as it releases stress-relieving hormones and makes you feel extremely relaxed. Touch is underrated, and […]

Cat Scope: The Russian Blue

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As you may already know, there are numerous cat breeds out there, and one that stands out is the Russian Blue cat. Arguably one of the most sought out breeds throughout the world, the Russian Blue is known for its distinct silvery-blue coat. Known for their friendly and calm personality, they are beautiful cats, due […]

The Pug Life: Precautions in Adopting a Pug

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Ladies and gents, meet the pug: As one of the most popular breeds out there, this breed was imported from China and was made popular by the Dutch in the 16th century. It’s no surprise why it’s so popular: its squished and wrinkly face along with its goofy “smile” is enough to melt anyone’s hearts. […]

Independence Day Mistakes Dog Owners Make

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We can all collectively agree that dogs and Independence Day festivities do not mix. You’ve probably seen the worst of your dog as the fireworks start lighting up the sky. He might have been distressed and shaking, or he could be frantically looking for a way out of your house – all to escape the […]

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