Why Should You Adopt a Shelter Dog?


If you have a pet dog adopted from the local shelter, it surely had an amazing holiday with you and your family. Although shelter dogs may be perceived as unstable fur balls, they can make great pets: just ask a person who adopted one. If you’re contemplating whether to get a canine companion from a breeder or a shelter, you may want to choose the latter, considering that you’ll be able to do a lot of good not only to the adopted dog, but also to the society.

So, what are the reasons why you should adopt a rescued dog? Here are some facts to keep in mind:




In some shelters, some dogs are being euthanized due to overcrowding, although factors like sickness, aggressiveness and chronic suffering may have played a part. If you do adopt a dog from these establishments, you’ll make space for another dog to be rescued and rehabilitated. As for the dog you adopted, you’ll be giving it a happy life and an opportunity to care and be cared for. You won’t only be saving the life of the dog you adopted, you will also be helping the community continue its good work in safeguarding the welfare of homeless pets.




Inexplicably, shelter dogs seem to be more meek and loving compared to other dogs. Most of them are very affectionate and loving – may it be because they want to feel the warmth of your touch, or because they are extremely grateful that you took them in. However, you may need to retrain them, considering that they may not have been housebroken or it may take some time for them to become acquainted into your household. Keep in mind though, shelter dogs are easier to train compared to puppies, given that they may remember being trained by their old owners. Some may have already given them basic obedience training, meaning you’ll only have to fine-tune a few details.




Let’s say you’re purchasing a puppy from a breeder. If you do so, you’ll be required to spay/neuter it, pay for its shots and vaccines and train it from scratch. In the first place, it is also very expensive and may not be a practical way of acquiring a pet if you’re short of cash. However, if you get a shelter dog, you will only have to pay for the adoption fee which is relatively cheaper compared to the price of a pure-bred dog. Plus, shelter dogs in the adoption block have already been spayed/neutered, immunized and evaluated, so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot for veterinarian’s fees, although you may need to encounter one in the future.



Nico was eventually adopted and now living a happy life.

Nico was eventually adopted and now living a happy life.

Each shelter dog has its own back story. One may have been sleeping a heap of trash for months, while another may have been abused by its owner and never felt human affection before. Some of them may have been cared for, but due to unfortunate circumstances like death, divorce and financial problems, previous owners may have been forced to give their dogs up. Regardless of the story, their experiences are heartbreaking; adopting them would certainly mend their broken hearts and give them another lease at life.

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