8 Ways to Make Your Cat Hate You


Before we start, let us clarify that this list is a surefire and foolproof way to make your cat hate you. Yes, it’s a guide of WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT do to your precious feline friend, especially if you don’t want it to look at you with contempt every time you enter the room he’s in. Avoiding these is also a must if you don’t want Mr. Katspaw to struggle every time you bring him to the veterinary hospital.

So, if you’re looking to make your cat love you, here are things you must avoid doing at all costs:

Stroking Their Belly

Resist the temptation, friends.

Resist the temptation, friends.

One of the quickest ways to warrant a hateful response from a feline is to stroke their belly, especially if it’s soundly sleeping. Sure, cats expose their undersides all the time, but that does not give you the authority to touch it. Why do they respond with teeth and claws? Well, their bellies are one of the most vulnerable parts of their body, warranting them to protect it at all costs.

Scaring them out of their wits

Sure, it’s funny to see a cat bolt out of the room and crashing head first into a wall because you shouted “BOO!” while it’s asleep, but it’s also a quick way to make it lose its trust!

Forcing your love

Who could ever resist not loving this cat's eyes?

Who could ever resist not loving this cat’s eyes? Photo by Nevit Dilmen.

Let’s say you sat next to Mrs. Whiskers, put her on your lap and started petting her. Initially, she liked it but after a few minutes, she started struggling. You then forced her to stay still, making her bite your arms and run away from you. You don’t force your love on anyone, especially your cat!

Taking them for car trips

Most cats hate going to the vet not because they hate the doctor, but mainly because of the car ride and the change of atmosphere. Remember, cats can easily get motion sick and a change of environment can stress them out pretty quickly.

Giving them baths

Maine Coon cats love water. This particular cat wouldn't mind it if you turned the faucet on. Photo by WolfgangE Wikimedia Commons.

Maine Coon cats love water. This particular cat wouldn’t mind it if you turned the faucet on. Photo by WolfgangE Wikimedia Commons.

Although Maine Coon cats love water, regular-sized house cats despise the liquid. This is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to give them baths often. Remember, felines are able to groom and clean themselves on their own!

Making sudden, loud noises

Honking the car and shouting at the TV every time your basketball team concedes a basket will warrant a contemptuous response from your feline friend, especially if it’s just in the vicinity.

New cats or animals

Remember, introduce your animals properly! Photo by Worak.

Remember, introduce your animals properly! Photo by Worak.

Without proper introductions, cats may hate it when a new animal, particularly fellow feline is in the house. Remember, cats are very territorial animals so be sure to prep yours up if you’re planning to adopt a new animal companion!

Constant attention

Felines are carefree animals, and they hate it when they’re always under the spotlight. Cats prefer to be independent and aloof and will always run away from attention. If it wants a petting session, it will let you know – either by jumping on your lap or sleeping on your keyboard.

Overall, cats are still amazing animals. However, remember the abovementioned facts: those are the mistakes cat owners are likely to commit.


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